The Faculty was established in 1998 for the training of specialists with higher education in the specialty “Pharmacy” with the qualification “Pharmacist”. Currently studying at the Faculty of Russian and foreign students on full-time and part-time form. During the period of the Faculty of Pharmacy has prepared for the health and pharmaceutical industry edge, South Federal District of the Russian Federation and more than 900 specialists with higher pharmaceutical education.
Teaching at the Faculty is carried out in the departments of medical and biological, pharmaceutical and clinical profile. The main producing departments of the faculty – Department of Pharmacy, which includes many disciplines of special profiles.
Since 2003, the educational process of the faculty in the Department of Clinical Immunology, Allergy and laboratory diagnosis of FPC and PPP program was developed and is taught biotechnology course. The educational process is built in accordance with state standards, and the third generation of the GEF, provided with all necessary materials educational complex.
The faculty 9 different kinds of training and work practices according to educational standards. Faculty Students learn the processes of production of drugs on the Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies, organization and holding of the workpiece, the acceptance, and standardization of medicinal plants, the definition of the resources of wild medicinal plants, and others. The scope of the interests of students also includes the production technology, quality control, storage of dosage forms pharmacies, conducting chemical-toxicological studies, organization, and implementation of drug supply and pre-hospital medical care to the sick and injured in extreme situations, and others. Students are actively involved in the work of SSS of faculty and university, a regular speaker at conferences and participate in grant programs, in social activities of the Faculty and the university as a whole.
The Faculty has strong scientific contact in various areas with a number of Russian and foreign universities that have been established as part of the Tempus project “Improving Biotechnology training programs» ( «Improvement of teaching programs in biotechnology» Tempus project 511092-1-TEMPUS-2010-1- UK-JPCR), Cranfield University, Cranfield for the 2011-2012. Participants in the project, in addition to KubSMU, were also Krenfildsky University (UK); Prague Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT Prague, Czech Republic); University of Dublin (Dublin City University, Ireland); Saint-Petersburg State Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy and Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technology M.V. Lomonosov. This project will allow for the exchange of specialists, students and young scientists, with the result that has strong creative scientific and educational contacts.
During the work of the faculty was held a wide variety of large-scale scientific and educational forums, including and with international participation, on the problems of drugs technologies, clinical pharmacology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, immunobiotechnology. Faculty repeatedly presented high academic achievement of students and teachers in numerous international forums.
The Faculty was created and is actively working Methodical Commission, which monitors the current level of the organization and conduct of the educational process at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.