Background of the faculty has arisen in connection with great demand in the Territory pediatrician. The direct executor of preparing the opening of the faculty was an assistant professor of childhood diseases V.P. Nastenko, which later became the first dean of the Faculty of Pediatrics. The opening of the third faculty put Kuban State Institute. Red Army in a number of major institutions of higher North Caucasus, which will continue to receive the title of Academy of Medicine (1996), and later the University (2005). Over the following years, the faculty deans were Professor V.P. Nastenko, associate V.M. Sysoev, Y.M. Perov, A.J. Nazarov, V.P. Boriskov, V.M. Nadgeriev, Professor V.A. Tarakanov, Professor I.I. Kutsenko, professor V.A. Shashel.
Since 2013 the Department is headed by Professor S.E. Gumenyuk.
The faculty policy training pediatricians to edge areas of the state order on the budget form of education, the target set by the governor’s program “medical personnel for rural health care” and the Russian Federation (Kalmykia, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay Cherkessia, etc..), on self-financing courses.
Currently, pediatric faculty has become a highly qualified department of Kuban State Medical University. Students are taught in 40 departments KubSMU, 5 – of which are letting out.
Education at the Faculty is carried out on the basis of the State educational standard – 2 and the educational standard – 3, according to which in each discipline in all departments are turned out educational-methodical complexes, which include: a work program, guidelines for teachers and students, for the students’ independent work. Great importance is attached to the development of practical knowledge and skills, the introduction of modern methods of training students in the form of testing, lectures with slideshow, multimedia, gaming, solving situational problems.
Teaching is carried out by highly qualified teachers: 38 professors, 44 doctors of medical sciences, 90 associate professors, 78 assistant candidates of medical sciences. Ostepenёnnost teachers are 76%.
Questions of the organization, implementation, and optimization of the educational process at the Faculty Council, Faculty of Pediatrics implements (headed by Professor S.E. Gumenyuk) and methodical faculty committee (headed by Associate Professor O.V. Pervishko).
The in-faculty quality control system of training in the first place – is the introduction of the rating of learning outcomes monitoring system, which allows you to objectively evaluate each student group rate, the average score of the studied subjects in this semester and to compare these data with the results of the examination session. The degree of preparedness of graduates is measured at the rated performance, the results of the final state certification. Over the last 5 years, 100% of the graduates of pediatric faculty at the IGA assessed only positively.
Great importance is attached to the department of educational work with students and the formation, stimulation of development of the individual learning of young people. All work programs of disciplines reflected aspects of the work on the development of the moral, psychological and professional qualities of the person of students.
The students of pediatric faculty after graduation can be employed and work in most professions, both in hospitals children’s profile and provide medical care to the adult population.