Medical faculty is the main unit KubSMU. Of the 341 faculty members – 52 professors, 83 associate professors, 16 assistant professors, 158 assistants, 21 teachers.
Departments are active in scientific work, embodied in hundreds of master’s and doctoral theses dozens, thousands of scientific papers, patents for inventions and discoveries. The importance of research is emphasized in the publication of the rating of domestic and foreign journals, support of the Russian President, numerous awards.
The staff of clinical departments of the Faculty is active advisory, organizational and methodological and clinical work in specialized departments of hospitals, and the edge of the city carried out an expert assessment of the quality of treatment, criticize history, participate in formal care conferences, appear on the pathological and clinical conferences. Over the past ten years on the faculty underwent a major reorganization of the educational process. And now the classic teaching methods are combined with the use of modern teaching methods. Visibility of the educational process is provided by lectures using multimedia technologies, the use of computer technology in the classroom to demonstrate educational films, illustrations, and presentations. In order to optimize the learning process improved guidance, the exemplary framework of the thematic material, test kits and situational problems. Many developed and published textbooks and teaching aids for students included in the range of textbooks for Russian medical schools and are recommended by the EMA as textbooks for medical students. At the medical faculty, offices are equipped with practical skills in which students work out the skills required to perform the most important manipulation. The new methods, including computer testing, introduced the learning process.