The history of the tradition of learning foreign citizens begins in 1961, when in the Kuban State Medical Institute. Red Army arrived first and only time a foreigner to teach at the university on the state line – Yemeni citizen Mohamed Mahdi Al Muzvani, which received the “medicine” doctor degree in 1967.
On a voluntary basis by the first dean of the foreign students in 1967-1968 was Oleg Dubinkin, who worked at the time an assistant professor of operative surgery with topographic anatomy, his deputies were Evfaliya Nikandrovna Hristoforova – Assistant of the Department of Pathological Anatomy and Nina Romanova Dontsova – Head of the Russian language.
As soon as the number of foreign students increased, the Foreign Languages Department employees were among the first in charge of their stay. They take into account the individual characteristics of students from different countries who had no idea of life, history, culture, way of life in Russia. Largely due to the efforts of teachers and supervisors of foreign students among university graduates are leaders of national health systems, large hospitals, medical schools, scientists and scholars, doctors, who work for the benefit of people throughout the world.

During the existence of the faculty on work with foreign students was replaced by a large number of managers, but the main task was the dean’s office: support and assistance in staying and adaptation of foreign students for life in a foreign country for them, not just learning a specialty doctor.
Prior to 1991, foreign students study in groups, together with Soviet students that contributed to a better understanding and improvement of language training at the expense of learning the Russian language in the process of extracurricular informal communication with local students.
Foreign students together with local students took an active part in the social life of the institute, amateur performances, demonstrations, meetings, work days, in the third (labor) semester.
Visit the cities of Russian Federation, the USSR republics, it contributed not only to get acquainted with the Soviet people, its history and achievements of the Soviet health care and medical science in the period of socialist construction, but made it possible to introduce foreign students to the peculiarities of work, life, traditions and character of the Soviet people, with heroism health workers during the Great Patriotic War, etc.

From 1974 to 1986 at the University, while the Institute of Medicine, studied a large group of students from the GDR. With the growing contingent in the departments of the university expanded patronage work with foreign students. Сurators were appointed responsible for the work with foreign students, then each Department took patronage over this or that Karelian community. Employees of the Department have organized evening meetings, regularly visited by foreign students in dormitories, we have worked together with them on the JINR work days, etc.
Since 1990 KubSMU working with foreign students mainly in terms of the contract, ie, with full cost recovery for training by the students themselves, but continued training of foreign citizens, sent by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on the CRP-line.
Since that time, foreign students become trained in separate groups, which will strengthen the individual work of teachers with foreign students, to increase the responsibility for the quality of their training. But in 2011, the decision on the training of foreign students in cooperative groups with Russian students. Foreign students less speak their own language and communicate more in Russian, which is important for assessing the responses of foreign students and their level of training. Also, between the Russian and foreign students having academic, professional, personal discussions that are educational in nature and expanding horizons of foreign students and their motivation for classes.
Back in our time, it should be noted that over the past 50 years at the university educated, more than 3,500 doctors in different directions, from more than 100 countries worldwide.
In July 2012, the faculty dean’s office on work with foreign students was reorganized into the international department, chief of which was appointed Mammad Ali Rakhmatullaevich Acheldyev.
KubSMU worked and continues to work on foreign students postgraduate forms of education. From 1967 to the present time on an internship, clinical residency and postgraduate study in surgery, traumatology and orthopedics, neurological disease, therapy, obstetrics and gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, anesthesiology, pediatric urology, skin and venereal diseases, infectious diseases, ophthalmology, pathological anatomy, restorative dentistry, surgical dentistry, orthodontics at the respective departments, etc., has been prepared more than 850 specialists from different countries (Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Morocco, Jordan, Cyprus, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Mexico, Iraq, Colombia, Chile, Chad, Vietnam, Jordan, Lebanon, Southern Yemen, Morocco and others.).