Kuban State Medical University was founded in 1920 and today is one of the oldest universities in the Kuban and the leading medical universities in Russia.
The composition of the Kuban State Medical University as a structural division includes:
– 7 faculties (medical, pediatric, dental, medical and preventive, pharmaceutical, faculty of pre-university training and advanced training and retraining of specialists);
– 66 departments;
– Obstetric-Gynecologic Clinic;
– Dental clinic;

The founder of the University is the Russian Federation Government.  In March 2010, based on the decision of the Accreditation Board of the Federal Service for Supervision of Education and Science of Kuban State Medical University is accredited for 5 years with the establishment of the state status of the type of “educational institution of higher professional education” type “university”.
In accordance with the license of the Federal Service for Supervision of Education and Science from 15.03.2010 №2848, at which the University has also received this year, leads educational activities in the field of pre-university training in the field of higher education in the specialties: General Medicine, Pediatrics, Medical, and preventive work, Dentistry, Pharmacy, besides the university has a license to honey. activities for the dental clinic and basic obstetric clinic.
Before the Russian higher education problem was the quality of training always. But at the present stage of socio-economic development of the state of preparation quality has become especially relevant, due to a number of factors.
A special place in the structure of higher education institution takes Russia thanks to the quality management system of vocational education. In June 2010, representatives of the Association of certification “Russian Register” conducted an audit of the quality management system of the University, according to the results of an international standard which issued the certificates of conformity of quality management system ISO 9001 – 2008. This system reflects the multi-level nature of the management of the educational process that raises the status and the prestige of the diploma at the international level.
The development of scientific and pedagogical potential through graduate school and competition, training faculty.
I would like to mention on the results of monitoring conducted in August by the State University – Higher School of Economics commissioned by the “Public Chamber” Kuban State Medical University is among the ten largest universities in Russia and is on the 9th place in the ranking of Russian medical universities.
Education to present knowledge in the field of medicine, pharmacy, transfer of experiences students Medical University KubGMU Russian Ministry of Public Health conducted by highly qualified specialists. The university operates 624 people faculty members, including 123 doctors and 371 candidates of sciences. Among the teachers work: 2 Corresponding Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, 27 academicians and corresponding members of Russian and foreign academies, 2 honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, 1 winner of the RF Government Prize, one winner of the State Prize, 16 Honored doctors, 4 Honored health professional, 1 Honored Russian inventor, 1 honored worker of culture of Russia, Kuban honored 36 health workers, 23 Honoured Scientist of Kuban, 3 honored worker of science of the Republic of Adygea, 2 Sorovsky professor.
For the organization of the educational process, the University has 900 classrooms and laboratories, 12 lecture halls, able to accommodate about 1,600 people. The University has 12 computer classes. Education of high school students is held in the traditional and in innovative ways. Widely used information technology, multimedia equipment, Internet. Currently, more than 4,400 people enrolled in the university.  According to the regional target program “medical personnel for rural health care” trained 427 people.
Kuban State Medical University is among the five Russian universities that work with biological material. Parallel to this, the university is developing phantom training. practical skills Center Medical University KubSMU Russian Ministry of Health is based on interdepartmental phantom class in 2009 and is designed for practical training, and interim assessment of the current and final state certification of the degree of development of practical skills of students and students of the Faculty of advanced training and retraining of specialists. Creating the Center of practical skills can solve a crucial problem of medical education: to master the skill of the physician, without causing harm to the patient.
November 7, 2012, on the basis of Medical University KubSMU Russian Ministry of Health as part of the Russian Government grant has been opened International Research clinical research center in regenerative medicine. This center, which is on the equipment meets the latest standards, will provide a platform for the development and introduction of new technologies, as well as a platform for training specialists in the field of regenerative medicine, exchange of knowledge and experience.